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Cissampelos Pareira
Cissampelos acuminate, Cissampelos mucronata.

Common name
Abuta, barbasco, bejunco de cerca, bofrusiri, butua, caapeba, false pareira, gasing gasing, ice vine, laghu patha, patha, pareira, pareira brava, patacon, pereira root, trompetero sacha, velvet leaf.

Menispermaceae (Moonseed family).

Cissampelos pareira Abuta is a slender, tropical woody, climbing vine (liana) with orbicular shaped leaves, white-greenish flowers and inedible dark red, grape sized, 3/4" long, berries.
It is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest but also grows abundantly in India.
It resembles a ruffled ribbon, winding its way up to the top of the tree. The stem is deeply furrowed, grey, and covered with patches of lichen. The odor of the vine is slightly aromatic.
In the Amazon region, Abuta is used as an anti-dote for poisonous snakebites; also for Diabetes, dropsy, gonorrhea, heart problems (irregular heart beat), jaundice, rheumatism, and as an aphrodisiac.
All parts of this plant are used in folk medicine.
The principal phytochemicals in this plant are oxo-aporphines, palmatine and isoquinolines. The plant has antispasmodic action.
There are also Ayurvedic applications such as edema, cystitis, kidney inflammation and fever.
It is helpful with symptoms associated with menstruation and balancing hormones in women.

Suriname's Traditional Medicine
Cissampelos pareira It is used for women's ailments such as menstrual cramps and uterine hemorrhages, pre - and postnatal pain; it helps to avoid miscarriage.
Abuta is also used in other South American countries such as Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela, etc.
Abuta has antispasmodic effects; meaning it can help avoid- or lessen muscle contractions, including the muscles of the uterus.
It is used by nurse-midwives for labor stimulation and therefore known as "midwives herb".
It also acts as an antiseptic to the bladder and is for that reason employed for the relief of chronic inflammation of the urinary passages. It is also a very good diuretic (to increase urine flow).
This plant has a relaxing effect on smooth muscles (such as those in the walls of blood vessels and in the uterus). Using it may lower blood pressure or may cause muscle contraction in the uterus.
This plant can best be used as an infusion (medicinal tea) and a herbal tincture.
The Wayapi Indians use a tea of the vine and leaves as an oral analgesic.

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USDA zone 9B - 11.


Plant in shady, frost free spots and under humid, tropical rainforest conditions.

Cissampelos pareira Cissampelos pareira - Abuta tincture

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