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Tropilab Inc., exporter & wholesaler 
of medicinal plants, herbs and tropical seeds

Natural pharmacy

Herbal tinctures (actual, concentrated liquid herbal extracts) are generally used extensively in alternative medicine.
These are preparations of plants (or parts of plants) in a water & alcohol mixture of various ratios and have high bioavailability (quantity of the dose that is absorbed and made available).
We use dry - or fresh herbs depending on the preparation.
There is no heating involved in the process of making tinctures only cold extraction and purification are involved.
The alcohol content is at least 45% of the tincture, so it can be kept for 5 years (or more) after the date of manufacturing.
Momordica charantia - Bitter melon. Herbal tinctures, used extensively in alternative medicine; 
they have high bioavailability and are powerful! Most, but not all, preparations are in 1:4 strength; that means 1 part herbs against 4 parts solvent (water + alcohol).
All the botanicals, we use in the process are wild harvested in the Amazon Rainforest by our own collecting teams.

We use USP grade (United States Pharmacopeia), naturally derived alcohol (190 proof) and pure spring water.
The menstruum (solvent) composition and strength can vary for different applications.
This solvent concentrates the phytochemicals present in the plant.
Our herbal tinctures (made from tropical medicinal plants), stand for at least 3 months and are shaken 5 times a day, before being filtered and bottled.

Tinctures from plants are fast acting (they are easily assimilated by the body) and powerful!
They are easier to use, simply add to water. Tinctures are better assimilated and the solvent used is the safest and the most effective method of extracting the phyto-chemicals from the herbs, rhizomes and other plant parts.
For the dose of the tinctures, go to the user page.
Herbal dietary supplements** have far fewer side effects than prescription- and OTC drugs. Many substances (botanicals) used in these supplements are "generally considered as safe" (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration.

Herbal tinctures help solve the problems involved with rapid medicine delivery and consistent dosing.
Although absorption by the arterial blood supply under the tongue (sublingual) is completed in mere seconds; however, taking it this way has proven to be too harsh for many patients.
Taking the tincture on an empty stomach with some water is a better way to go; the tincture is not necessarily more effective on an empty stomach, but absorption into the bloodstream will be much faster if taken without food.
Also, food in the stomach significantly reduces the amount of medicine that passes into the bloodstream.
There are some exceptions though, such as Cayenne pepper tincture. Taking this tincture (or tea) on an empty stomach may cause irritation in some persons.

Almost all of our medicinal herbs, plants, rhizomes and seeds are wild harvested in the Amazon Rainforest (South America) and 100% organic.
This means that they are free of contaminants, such as synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, GMO'S (genetically modified organisms) and animal products.
They are thorough inspected on quality before being used in the manufacturing process of tincture and medicinal tea.
No irradiation or harmful chemicals are used!
TROPILAB® uses GACP guidelines (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) as proposed by ©EMEA and WHO.
For the dose of the teas, go to the user page..

Store tincture refrigerated. (for prolonged storage) (temp 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celcius).
Or to prevent evaporation, store bottle upwards in a cool dark place and replace the dropper with the reusable cap.
Always shake the tincture bottle well.
In manufacturing, all the tinctures are processed using the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for dietary supplements as proposed by the FDA Center for Food Safety and Nutrition (CFSAN).

A solvent used in extracting compounds from plant tissues and preparing dietary supplements.
We use a hydro-alcoholic mix.

A liquid that dissolves a solid, liquid or gaseous solute, resulting in a solution.
The most common solvent in everyday life is water.

* To be classified as a dietary supplement, a botanical must meet the definition given below. Many botanical preparations meet the definition.
As defined by Congress in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, a dietary supplement is a product (other than tobacco) that
  • is intended to supplement the diet
  • contains one or more dietary ingredients or their constituents
  • is intended to be taken by mouth as a pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid
  • is labeled on the front panel as being a dietary supplement.

The above presentation is for informational and educational purposes only.
It is based on scientific studies (human, animal, or in vitro), clinical experience, or traditional usage.
For many of the conditions discussed, treatment with prescribed (RX) or over-the-counter (OTC) medication is also available.
Consult your doctor, practitioner, and/or pharmacist for any health problem and before using dietary supplements or before making any changes in prescribed medications.

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NOTE: minimum order: $10.35 (S&H excluded), when ordering online.

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Shipped with USPS FCM or PMS for Orders over $75.00

Retail TINCTURES price list per Jan 01, 2024
Buying Tinctures from TROPILAB®
Common name Botanical name Plant part Price per 1 oz. bottle Price per 2 oz. bottle
ABUTA Cissampelos pareira vine/cut 12.98 24.00
ACAI Euterpe oleraceae peel 12.98 20.80
ACEROLA Malpighia glabra fruit 12.98 20.80
AGERATUM Ageratum conyzoides herbs 12.98 20.80
ALLIGATOR PEPPER Aframomum melegueta seed 12.98 20.80
ALOE Aloe vera leaves 12.98 20.80
ANAMU Petiveria Alliacea herb 12.98 20.80
ARECA Areca catechu fruit peel 12.98 20.80
ARROWROOT Maranta arundinacea roots 12.98 20.80
AWARA Astrocaryum vulgare fruit 12.98 20.80
BANABA Lagerstroemia speciosa leaves 12.98 24.00
BITTER MELON Momordica charantia herbs 12.98 20.45
BIXA Bixa Orellana seeds 12.98 20.80
BLACK SAGE Cordia curassavica leaves 12.98 20.80
BROMELAIN Bromelain stem, fruit 12.98 20.80
CACAO Theobroma cacao leaves 12.98 20.80
CACAO Theobroma cacao seeds 12.98 20.80
CAKE BUSH Piper marginatum herbs 12.98 20.80
CAPADULLA Davilla nitida
CASHEW APPLE Anacardium occidentale bark 12.98 20.80
CAT'S CLAW Uncaria guianensis bark 12.98 20.45
CAYENNE Capsicum frutescens fruit 13.50 24.15
CAYENNE FORTE Capsicum frutescens concentrated fruit 15.40 28.00
CCG Uncaria guianensis / Zingiber officinale bark/roots 12.98 24.00
CEDRELA Cedrela odorata bark 12.98 20.80
CLAVO HUASCA Tynanthus panurensis vine 12.98 20.80
COFFEE Coffea arabica seeds 12.98 20.80
COFFEE FORTE Coffea arabica concentrated seeds 14.30 26.00
CURCUMIN Curcuma xanthorrhiza roots 12.98 20.45
CURCUMIN FORTE Curcuma Longa roots 15.40 28.00
CYPERUS Cyperus rotundus herbs 12.98 20.80
DAMIANA Turnera diffusa herbs 12.98 20.45
DESMODIUM Desmodium adscendens herbs 12.98 20.80
DOBRUDUA Strychnos melinoniana vine 14.30 26.00
ECLIPTA Eclipta alba herbs 12.98 20.80
EMBAUBA Cecropia palmata leaves 12.98 20.80
EPAZOTE Chenopodium ambrosioides herbs 12.98 20.80
EUPHORBIA Euphorbia hirta herbs 12.98 20.80
FEDEGOSO Cassia occidentalis herbs 12.98 20.80
FINGERROOT Boesenbergia pandurata roots 12.98 20.80
GALANGA Alpinia galanga root 12.98 20.80
GARLIC Allium sativum bulb 12.98 20.80
GARLIC VINE Mansoa alliacea vine 12.98 20.80
GERVAO Stachytarpheta cayennensis herbs 12.98 20.80
GIANT BLOODFLOWER Calotropis gigantea herbs 12.98 20.80
GINGER Zingiber officinale roots 12.98 20.45
GOSSYPIUM Gossypium barbadense roots 12.98 20.80
GOTU KOLA Centella asiatica 12.98 20.80
GRAVIOLA Annona muricata leaves 12.98 24.00
GRAVIOLA FORTE Annona muricata & montana leaves 15.40 28.00
GREEN COFFEE BEANS Coffea arabica seeds 12.98 24.00
GUAVA Psidium guajava leaves 12.98 20.80
HOG PLUM Spondias mombin bark, leaves 12.98 20.80
HOLY BASIL Ocimum sanctum herb 12.98 20.80
INDIAN JUJUBE Zizyphus mauritiana fruit 12.98 20.80
JAMUN Syzygium cumini bark, leaves, seeds 12.98 20.80
JATOBA Hymenaea courbaril bark 12.98 20.45
KALANCHOE Kalanchoe pinnata leaves 12.98 20.80
KUMIS KUCING Orthosiphon stamineus herb 12.98 20.80
LEMONGRASS Cymbopogon citratus herbs 12.98 20.45
LIME PEEL Citrus aurantifolia peel 12.98 20.80
LION'S EAR Leonotis nepetifolia herbs 12.98 24.00
LOTUS Nelumbo nucifera petals 15.40 28.00
MALAY Syzygium malaccense bark 12.98 20.80
MANGO Mangifera indica bark 12.98 20.80
MATICO Piper angustifolium herbs 12.98 20.45
MICROTEA Microtea debilis herbs 12.98 20.45
MIMOSA Mimosa pudica herbs 12.98 20.80
MORINGA Moringa oleifera leaves 12.98 20.80
MULLACA Physalis angulata herbs 12.98 20.80
NEEM Azadirachta indica leaves 12.98 20.80
NONI Morinda citrifolia fruit 12.98 20.80
NONI Morinda citrifolia leaves 12.98 20.80
PAO PEREIRA Geissospermum vellosii bark 15.40 28.00
PAPAYA Carica papaya leaves 12.98 20.80
PASSIFLORA Passiflora edulis leaves 12.98 20.45
PAU D' ARCO Tabebuia serratifolia bark 12.98 20.80
PEPPERMINT Mentha X piperita leaves 12.98 20.45
PHYLLANTHUS Phyllanthus amarus herbs 12.98 20.45
PHYLLANTHUS Phyllanthus urinaria herbs 11.55 20.45
PHYSIC NUT Jatropha curcas leaves 11.55 20.80
PICÃO PRETO Bidens pilosa herb 11.55 20.80
PINE Pinus bark 11.55 20.80
PLANTAIN LEAF Musa paradisiaca red leaves 11.55 20.80
PORTULACA Portulaca oleracea herbs 11.55 20.80
PUMPKIN SEED Cucurbita species seeds 11.55 20.80
PUYANG Zingiber aromaticum roots 11.55 20.80
QUASSIA Quassia amara wood 11.55 20.80
ROSELLE Hibiscus sabdariffa calyx 11.55 20.80
SARSAPARILLA Smilax officinales 11.55 20.80
SENNA Cassia alata leaves 11.55 20.80
SESAME SEED Sesamum indicum seeds 11.55 20.80
SIMARUBA Simaruba officinalis bark 11.55 20.80
SOLANUM Solanum oleraceum herbs 11.55 20.80
SPEARMINT Mentha spicata leaves 11.55 20.45
SPIGELIA Spigelia anthelmia herbs 13.50 24.15
STAR APPLE Chrysophyllum cainito bark, fruit, leaves 11.55 20.80
STRYCHNOS Strychnos guianensis vine 55.00 100.00
SWEET ORANGE Citrus sinensis peel 11.55 20.80
TONKA Dipteryx odorata seeds 11.35 20.65
TROPICAL ALMOND Terminalia catappa leaves 11.55 20.80
VASSOURINHA Scoparia dulcis herbs 11.55 20.80
VINCA Vinca minor; Vinca major herbs 11.55 20.80
VIROLA Virola sebifera bark 14.35 27.00
VIROLA Virola surinamensis bark 14.35 27.00
WALTHERIA Waltheria americana herbs 11.55 20.80
WILD SAGE Lantana camara leaves 11.55 20.80


All the information in this database is for education & information purposes only! It is not intended to be used to diagnose and treat any illnesses or condition whatsoever, nor replace proper medical care.

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