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Tropical wood plain Due to a strict control program from the Surinamese authorities, all the wood is harvested in a sustainable fashion.
Surinam is home to some of the finest - and rarest hardwood to be found in the world.
We have direct access to all the offered wood species and work closely with our partners in this sector.
Especially for the professional - as well the amateur bench man, we have a wide selection of wood species suitable for turnery and carving!
We also carry pre - finished wood for decking, cabinets and flooring.
Special discounts when ordering FCL (full container loads).
Make your selection by clicking on the understated list; this will take you to the relevant page for full details and ordering instructions.

NOTE: minimum order: $50.00, when ordering on line.

Please, click on the botanical name to go to the page of your choice for information or to make your selection.

Buying Tropical hardwood from TROPILAB®
Botanical name Common name Surinamese name

Andira inermis

Partridge woodRode kabbes

Astrocaryum spp.

Black palm Awara

Brosimum paraense

Bloodwood Satijnhout

Cedrela odorata

Spanish cedar Rode ceder

Couratari spp.

Tauary Ingipipa

Diplotropics purpurea

Tatabu Zwarte kabbes

Discorynia guianensis

Angelique Basralocus

Esweilera subglandulosa

Manbarklak Manbarklak

Fagara pentandra


Goupia glabra

Kopi Kopi

Hymeneae courbaril

Jatoba Rode locus

Loxopterygium sagotii

Hububalli Slangehout

Manilkara bidentata

Bulletwood Bolletri


Marblewood Gevlamde bostamarinde

Martiusia parviflora

Bosmahony Bosmahonie

Nectandra spp

Silverballi Pisi

Ocotea rubra

Louro vermelho Wana

Peltogyne species

Purpleheart Purperhart

Piptadenia suaveolens

Timborana Pikinmisiki

Piratinera guianensis

Snakewood Letterhout

Platonia insignis

Pakuri Pakuri, Pakuli

Simaruba officinalis

Marupa Sumaruba

Swartzia bidentata

Ironwood Ijzerhart, Gandu

Tabebuia serratifolia

Ipe Surinam greenheart

Tetragastris Spp.

Almesca Sali

Vatairea guianensis

Amarjosa Gele kabbes

Vouacapoua americana

Wacapau Bruinhart

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