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Tropilab Inc.
The Amazon Rainforest


Amazon Rainforest - Blue poison dart frogAmazon Rainforest - Blue poison dart frog Amazon Rainforest - Amazonian glass frog (Cochranella species)Amazon Rainforest - Mapinguari frogAmazon Rainforest - Tree runner lizard (Plica plica)Amazon Rainforest - Green Iguana

Amazon Rainforest - Tityus serrulatus, aka yellow scorpion very venomous scorpionAmazon Rainforest - Three-toed sloth; mother with babyAmazon Rainforest - Capuchin monkey Amazon Rainforest - Passion butterfly (Agraulis vanillae)Amazon Rainforest - Caligo owl butterfly


Swietenia mahogany open seedpodSwietenia mahogany stemFallen tree Ceiba pentandraunknown plant Cordyline terminalis - Tiplant

River in the amazon rainforest Rocks in the Amazon rainforest riverFlowing river in the Amazon rainforestRiver in the Amazon rainforestBig tree in the amazon rainforestOdd tree

Dried grassMauritia flexuosa palmFallen leaves and flowersSea wall NickerieCopaiba treeRoots bebe tree

Wedelia trilobataSunset in the RainforestSavanna flowerZingiber zerumbet - Shampoo ginger Alcalypha wilkesiana - GodseffianaCedrela odorata resin

Alpinia purpurataPalm leavesPinus stemLicuala grandis leafSacred lotus stampBlooming Surinam Greenhart tree

Hura crepitans seedpodsAnthurium gracileAmazon forestLycopodiella cernuaIndian jujubeChurch in Coronie

Amazon forestWater droplets on leaveAllamanda cathartica seeds butterfly Flooded Amazon rainforestAquatic plants

Abrus precatorius - Rosary pea seedsBeautiful tree in Saramacca, SurinameNicolaia elatior - Torch lily full bloomLantana camara - Wild sage


Creek Commewijne Creek Zanderij Savanna Montresoir in Commewijne Bridge over the Coppename river Bridge over the Suriname river Saramacca river

Late afternoon Saramacca river Suriname river Nieuw Amsterdam Suriname river 07.00 pm Suriname river at Meerzorg Coppename river Storm over Coppename river

Return from Gran Dam Gran Dam Exploring the surroundings Exploring the surroundings Exploring the surroundings Saramacca river


field day field day bleeding the tree iron horse field day Field day at the Marshall creek

field day Hindu temple in the Amazon rainforest Field day FIELDDAY Harvesting sacred lotus Field day

Waltheria americana Annona montana Virola surinamensis (Babun) barkharvesting Skidtrail Deep in the forest Church in the Amazon rainforest

Field day Harvesting travellerspalm Church in the Amazon rainforest Field day Field day Lotus leaf

Brazilian beehive under a leaf Hindu temple in the Amazon rainforest Field day flooded forest Field day going into the forest


Montrichardia arborescens - Moco-moco flower Cassia fistula - Golden shower Hibiscus sabdariffa Ground flowers Allamanda cathartica Bombax aquaticum flower

Couroupita guianensis- Cannonball tree flowers Mangifera indica Cassia alata - Candlebush flowers Bilimbi averrhoa Gloriosa rotschildiana / Climbing lily Pinktree

Passiflora flower Plumeria - Frangipani Mucuna pruriens flower Bixa orellano - Annato flower

Cananga odorata flower Sucade Triplaris surinamensis - Long John flowers Flowers of Lagerstroemia speciosa - Queen's flower Bougainvillea Water lily

Pink water lily  water lily  Chamelion vine  Passion flower Delonix regia - Royal poinciana Flower unknown

Flower unknown Yellow Caesalpinia pulcherrima Anthurium Aristolochia ringens Yellow Jungle geranium Costus barbatus

Coffea arabica flowers Phyllanthus acidus flowers Monstera deliciosa - swiss cheese plant Eugenia uniflora - Surinam cherry flowers Spatodea campanulata - African tulip tree flowers Clerodendron speciossimum (Glorybower)

Quassia amara (Amargo - Bitterwood) Solanum torvum (Turkey berry) Hippeastrum striatum - Barbados lily Nursery in the rain forest Dillenia indica - Elephant apple flower Guajacum officinale - Lignum vitae flower


Succade fruit Musa ornata Momordica charantia - Bitter melon Monstera deliciosa Artocarpus altilis - Breadfruit young fruit Artocarpus heterophyllus
Cannonball fruit Passiflora edulis Spondias cytherea - Pomme de cythere
Annona montana - Wild custard apple Annona montana - Wild custard apple Annona muricata Annona muricata blossom Annona atemoya Annona squamosa
Gray nicker seeds Elephantapplefruit Malay gooseberry fruit Averrhoa bilimbi Jatropha fruits Seagrape fruits
Banana Pink Banana Tamarinde Nephelium lappaceum Bixa orellena Bixa orellena yellow
Attalea maripa - Maripa palm fruits


Heliconia Red Heliconia Alpinia purpurata Round Alpinia purpurata Caribaea red Caribaea yellow

Heliconia Pogonantha Heliconia Andrew philips surinam sassy Etlingera hemisphaeric (Antorcha ginger -Black tulip

Heliconia She Alpinia zerumbet Heliconia lingulata cv Fan Heliconia Lobster claw Heliconia paradise Alpinia galanga - Greater galangal


Triplaris surinamensis - Mulato tree Licuala spinosa palm Flooded forest Garden Dr Wongsoredjo Victoria amazonica Field day

Swietenia mahogany tree in the bush Monstera deliciosa - swiss cheese plant Manihot esculenta - Cassava Cecropia peltata- Embauba Collecting Nelumbo nucifera flowers Ceiba pentandra - Silk Cotton tree

LAKE SARAMACCA Simarouba AMAZON RAINFOREST FROM THE AIR In the forest Pink Waterlily Harvesting Quassia amara


afternoon in the savanna afternoon in the savanna savanna ground Rails in the Savanna forest trail savanna Savanne plant

savanna grass savanna in the afternoon Termite Nest in the Savanna Water in the savanna In the savanna Stream in the savanna

Flooded savanna Thunder storm over the savanna


Florida koningspalm Veitchia merrillii - Manila palm seeds Obe (Elaeis guineensis)

Maripa inflorescence - Attalea maripa Talipot palm with fruits Areca catechu Awarra in the savanna Roystonea regia Canary Island Date palm

Chrysalidocarpus lutescens - Butterfly palm


Monstera deliciosa Ceiba pentandra Beautiful tree

Delonix regia - Royal Poinciana Caesalpinia bonduc Gossypium barbadense flower Bixa1 Musa paradisiaca - Plantain leaves Calotropis gigantea - Giant bloodflower seeds

Ricinus communis Carmencita - Castor bean Simarouba officinalis - Simaruba Swietenia mahogani open seedpod Swietenia mahogani tree Piper angustifolium - Matico leaves hamelia

Young Walaba seedpod

Cananga odorata Cananga odorata Hibiscus Sabdariffa ALOE VERA GIANT IVY Bromelia

Splitleaf philodendron Kalanchoe pinnata Kalanchoe pinnata African tulip tree Hymenaea courbaril -jatoba seed


Amazon rainforest from the sky Sunset over the Amazon rainforest Sunset New Amsterdam, Commewijne Sunset over Nieuw Amsterdam Watching sunset over New Amsterdam Surinam Airways in the sky

Sunset over Paramaribo Sunset over Boskamp Sunset above the savanna Sunset above the savanna Storm over the Coppename river

Dark sky in April Sunset in the Amazon Storm is coming Sunset Sunset over Nw Amsterdam Weg Naar Zee

Sky over Uitvlught Sky over Alkmaar View from Wijdenboschbrug Sunset over the Coppename river Sunset over the Saramacca river Sunset over Zanderij

Sunset over Zanderij Sky over Paramaribo (Tropilab, Oct 2019)


Kurt Jessurun



These images provided by TROPILAB® INC. are for personal use & enjoyment on your computer screen only.
Other use is strictly prohibited. These images may not be reproduced without the express written permission of www.tropilab.com.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Download free desktop wallpaper for your computer from TROPILAB® INC.
We offer a variety of images from the Amazon rainforest of Surinam that we change regularly so you can keep your desktop decorated with the latest amazing photographs from us!

Installing WALLPAPER:


Method 1:
Left click on the image.
Opens in a window.
Right click and select: "set as background"

Method 2:
Download the image to the hard drive; right clicking on the image and choosing "Save Picture as:" from the popup menu in Internet Explorer. Next: right click on the desktop itself and choose "Properties" from the popup menu that appears. After a window called "display properties" opens, click on the tab named "Desktop". Now click on the button "Browse" and select the image you just saved.

Macintosh (OS X):

The easiest way to do this is to drag the image from your browser to your desktop. If you have a two button mouse, right click on the image and select "Save". Otherwise, hold "control" + click on the image, and then select "Save" from the popup menu. (Even if your browser calls the saving option something slightly different than "Save", the end result will be the same.) Next: select a place or directory on your hard drive in which to save the image file. Place your images for the desktop in the Macintosh HD> Library> Desktop Pictures folder. You can actually save them anywhere; just remember where you put them.

Opening your Desktop Preferences:
Click on the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen, and select the menu item "System preferences..." In the personal section of the preferences, choose "Desktop".

Method 1:
Drag the desired desktop image into the "Current Desktop Picture" area in the Desktop preferences pane.

Method 2:
Select an image by choosing the pull down menu called "Collection:", selecting "Choose Folder", and then choose the folder in which you placed the image. If you placed your image into Macintosh HD> Library> Desktop Pictures you will find that your images is already an icon which can be elected from among the pictures in the "Collection:", Desktop Pictures". Once you select the icon, your desktop wallpaper background will be changed.

Macintosh (OS 9):

Saving the images:
Save the background image to the hard drive by holding down control + clicking on the image, choose Save from the popup menu. Or, drag the image directly from your browser to your desktop, and then move it to the desired location on your hard drive.

Open the Appearance Control Panel
Method 1:
Right click or control + click the mouse on your desktop and choose to change the desktop wallpaper background. This should open the Appearance Control Panel.

Method 2:
Go to the apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Choose Control Panels> Appearance. After releasing your mouse, the Appearance Control Panel will open.

Next: select the Desktop" tab

Installing the Image
Locate the images on the hard drive and drag it into the gray representation of your screen. If you have multiple monitors, you can even drag a different image into each.

Click the "Set Desktop" button.

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