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Copaifera officinalis - Copaiba oil Also known as: Copaiba, copaiba balsam, copaiva, Jesuit's balsam, copal, palo de aceite, capivi.

Copaifera Officinalis (Copaiba) is a well branched tropical tree from the Amazon rainforest, that grows up to 100 feet tall.
The part of the copaiba tree that is used is the oleoresin (a clear yellow resin) accumulated in cavities within the trunk; it is obtained by making incisions in it.
Although this resin is referred to as a balsam, in reality it is more a natural oil; thick clear pale - to golden yellow color.
The copaiba oil has been documented with antibacterial- and antifungal activity.
Among the uses are: as a scenting agent in perfumes, soaps, creams, bubble baths and lotions.
This herbal oil is also used as an emollient.

Copaiba balsam Constituents
The resin consists of: sesquiterpenes, diterpenes, and terpenic acids such as kaurenoic acid.
The resin also contains Caryophyllene (this phyto-chemical has strong anti-inflammatory-, fungal and pain relieving properties).

External use
Apply directly to the skin as needed.
No additives and preservatives are added to the oil; it is 100% natural.
The oil prevents secondary infections in herpes, eczema and psoriasis.
Against all kind of skin- disorders, dermatophyte infections such as tinea pedis (athlete's foot), psoriasis, infected wounds and hemorrhoids.

Suriname's Traditional Medicine
COPAIFERA OFFICINALIS It is used to heal big cuts with minimal scarring; it reduces the appearance of scars as a result of stretch marks, burns, surgery and injury.
These scars appear softer, smoother and in any way far less noticeable.
It is also used against coughs, catarrh (inflammation of a mucous membrane accompanied by excessive secretions, especially of the respiratory tract), colds, respiratory problems, psoriasis, urinary incontinence, syphilis and gonorrhea sores.

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Copaifera officinalis - Copaiba

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Copaiba Oil 30 ml (1 oz) US$ 15.60
Copaiba Oil 60 ml (2 oz) US$ 29.50
Copaiba Oil 120 ml (4 oz) US$ 44.65
Copaiba Oil 1000 ml (1 ltr) US$ 295.95

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