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Curcuma longa - Koenir
Common name
common turmeric, cucurma, cucurmin, curcurma, curcurmin, geelwortel, gelbwurz haldi, huldi, Indian safron, koenir, koenjit, kunyit, kurkuma, safrandes Indes, tumeric, yellow ginger.
Zingerberaceae (Ginger family).

An annual herbaceous plant with large leaves and an exotic beautiful white flower; an inflorescence is produced from in-between the leaf petioles.
The bloom of the plant can be used as a cut flower.
Turmeric is a mild spice in many curry dishes; it gives these flavor and color (yellow).
Interesting is that the rhizome is used medicinally; it has liver protection properties.
The active ingredient is Curcumin, a polyphenol with anti-oxidant and anti-edemic properties; coming from the underground tuber (rhizome).
This plant is closely related to the Curcuma xanthorriza (Temu Lawak).

Medicinal applications
Asthma, Cancer, Crohn's disease, Gout, HIV support, indigestion, intestinal infections, lowers cholesterol levels, rheumatoid arthritis.

USDA zone 9 B - 11.

Seeds, rhizomes and bulbs.

Full sun, sandy loam soil; plant in frost free areas.
It can also be grown as a garden plant.

Curcuma longa - Koenir Curcuma longa - Koenir Curcuma longa - Kunir Curcuma longa - Kunir tincture

Item Description Unit Price Quantity

Kunir tincture 1 fl. oz (29.6 cc) US$ 15.40
Kunir tincture 2 fl. oz (59.1 cc) US$ 28.00

Kunir bulb 10 bulbs ($6.22 /bulb) US$ 62.15
Kunir bulb 50 bulbs ($4.84 /bulb) US$ 242.19
Kunir bulb 100 bulbs ($3.78 /bulb) US$ 377.52
Kunir bulb 1000 bulbs ($2.95 /bulb) US$ 2948.40

Kunir spice 1 lb US$
Kunir spice 5 lb US$
Kunir spice 10 lb US$

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