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Euterpe oleracea - Acai palm Synonym
Euterpe edulis.
Common name
Acai, asai, asaí, cabbage palm, juçara, manaca, paalboom, palmiche de rio negro, palmier pinot, palmito acai, pina palm.
Palmae (Aracaceae).

Acai is a pencil-like palm with drooping pinnate leaves, indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, growing up to a height of 65 feet.
There are both male- and female flowers on the same tree and the seeds germinate easy.
The diameter of the trunk is no more than 7 - 9 inch.
Açai palm is a fast grower and more of a cespitose palm (palms growing in small dense clumps or tufts) with multiple stems, growing in flooded areas (swamps).
The fruits are round berries, purple-black at maturity and hang in bunches of 700-1,000 with a weight of up to 120 lbs.
The harvest period is from July to March. Euterpe oleracea
The pulp is edible and used in beverages.
The juice of the pulp is consumed in Brazil, the Guianas and many other countries of the Americas.
The palm heart of the Açai palm is delicious and exported from Brazil, Suriname and Guyana to all over the world.
Acai fruit (which is somewhat bigger than a blueberry) contains vitamins and minerals (many of the B vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium). This palm contains significant amounts of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's, or Healthy Fats) but contains a very small amount of sugar, which is desirable since most fruits contain high levels of sugar. Also contains antioxidants, phytochemicals (anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, resveratrol).
It works against cholesterol problems and gives lots of energy.
It also has a high percentage of dietary fibers.

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USDA zone 9 B - 11.
Medium / light shade, rich to poor drained soil, high humidity. Seeds germination of Açai is easy.

Euterpe oleracea - Acai Euterpe oleracea - Acai Euterpe oleracea - Acai palm Euterpe oleracea - Acai fruits Euterpe oleracea - Acai fruits Euterpe oleracea, Acai berries are considered to be one of the most nutritious fruits of the Amazon Rainforest Suriname; also have 
tremendous health benefits and are an excellent source of stamina and energy. (Tropilab) Euterpe oleracea - Acai seeds Euterpe oleracea - Acai tincture - TROPILAB

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