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Rice dishes from the Surinam cuisine

Rice is the main staple in Surinam and it's therefore no wonder that there are numerous dishes with rice as the main ingredient!
There are many ways to prepare these; Indonesian, West Indian, Creole and Chinese.
Fried rice is cooked somewhat drier than normal.
For lonton dishes (Indonesian), soft-boiled rice is needed.
Often rice is cooked or steamed with certain leaves. These give a special flavor and/or smell to the dish.

Steamed - & cooked rice.
For steamed rice a steamer is needed; the longer the rice steamed, the softer it becomes.
Rice can be cooked in a rice cooker for best results.

rice for dishes Creole:
Masusa rice
Mixed rice with cod

Nasi koening
Nasi goreng

Indian dishes:
Curry (massala) rice

Fried rice

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