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Chenopodium anthelminticum L.
Common name
Wormseed, Mexican tea, sweet pigweed, West Indian goosefoot, ambrosia, epazote, yerba de Santa Maria, paico, apazote, L' anserine vermifuge, mastruz, wormzaad, wormgrass, Jeruzalem oak, Thé du Mexique, Mexicanisches Teekraut.
Chenopodiaceae (Goose-foot family).

A small perennial tropical herb with a grooved, much branched reddish stem and a strong disagreeable scent, growing up to 4' tall.
Epazote has toothed oval leaves and small green flowers growing in long spikes.
The essential oil, derived from the aerial parts is called Oleum Chenopodii (oil of chenopodium).
The seeds, very small and black, contains a toxic essential oil.
An overdoses can result in poisoning and death.
The active ingredient in wormseed is ascaridol, a volatile oil.

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Medicinal applications
Chenopodium ambrosioides - Epazote (Wormseed or Mexican tea) (Tropilab) Amebicide, dysentery, stomach ache, vermifuge, analgesic, abortifacient, emmenagogue, rectal bleeding, remedy for ascariasis, also used as a cardiac stimulant.
Wormseed is still used as an anthelmintic in South America; however there are some risks involved since the oil from Epazote is an acid and very toxic.

Other uses
Epazote herb is used as a spice (leaves, flowers and unripe fruits) in the Mexican cuisine in salad and mint dishes.
It is also used in soups, moles and bean dishes; it has a somewhat tangy flavor, reminiscent of Oregano.
However, it also often compared to cilantro.

Suriname's Traditional Medicine
Wormseed is used as an anthelmentic.


USDA zone 8 - 11.
Seeds and cuttings.
Full sun, pH 5.2 - 8.3, moist soil. Plant only after last expected frost.

Chenopodium ambrosioides - Epazote Chenopodium ambrosioides - Epazote Epazote flowers Chenopodium ambrosioides - Epazote tincture (Tropilab)

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