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Ageratum Conyzoides Synonym

Ageratum album, ageratum cordifolium, ageratum latifolium, ageratum obtusifolium, ageratum odoratum.

Common name
Baume, billy goat weed, bouton, bulak manok, chick weed, chuva, cúrt lo'n, goat weed, erva de Sao Joao, floss flower, menstrasto, ramput tahi ayam, sereno, tropical whiteweed, tuinbalsem, white weed.

Compositae (Asteraceae).

Tropical Whiteweed is a common tropical annual herbaceous weed in Suriname. Grows up to a height of 3 feet; it has little white flowers and opposite leaves.
The stem is often red and has long white hairs; it has white flowering heads borne in dense terminal corymbs. The weak aromatic unpleasant smelling leaves are also covered with fine hair.
The dark seeds have scales and ends in a needle-like shape.
In alternative medicine, ageratum is used against epilepsy and wounds, it is also used as an insect repellent.

Ageratum conyzoides (Billy goat weed) The phytochemicals in tropical whiteweed include alkaloids (pyrrolizidine alkaloids lycopsamine and echinatine), cumarins, essential oils, flavonoids, saponins and tannins.
Ageratum shows promising results for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity due to the flavonoid fraction in it.

Suriname's Traditional Medicine
The leaves are applied to cuts, burns and sores (styptic) and externally for body rash. They are also used against sore throat, spasms, diarrhea and epilepsy.
The juice of the fresh plant, or an extract of the dried plant, is used in the therapy of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.


USDA zone 9 B - 11.

Seeds and cuttings.

It needs full sun, light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils. The plant is not frost hardy, although it can be grown as a summer annual in zones 7 to 9.

Ageratum conyzoides (Billy goat weed) Ageratum conyzoides (Billy goat weed) Billy goat weed Ageratum conyzoides - Ageratum (Billy goat weed) tincture, only for US$18.65 per 2 fl oz. Treatment for colic, colds and fevers,
 diarrhea, rheumatism, spasms; also used as a tonic. Recommended for burns and wounds; also used for its antibacterial properties, for many infectious conditions and bacterial infections.

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