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PORTULACA OLERACEA L. - PURSLANE. Portulaca oleracea - Purslane

Common name
Pigweed, purslane, little hogweed, postelijn, pourpier, portulat, garden purslane, fatweed, munyeroo, ma chi xian, Cuban spinach, Miner's-lettuce, Miner's-salad, Pigweed, Pussley.
Portulacaceae (Purslane family).

Purslane is a common, herbaceous succulent annual weed in Suriname; it can grow up to a height of 18".
The stems are reddish and the fleshy succulent leaves alternate, while the small flowers are yellow and growing in clusters.
The flowers are hermaphrodite (male and female organs are on the same plant) and are pollinated by insects; the plant is self-fertile.
The small, shiny-black edible seeds are wrinkled; they are formed in a tiny pod.
Purslane is used as a vegetable in Europe, Asia and also in Suriname.

Medicinal applications
Portulaca oleracea (Purslane) tincture - Tropilab. Portulaca oleracea is a great source of antioxidants The juice is used against dry cough; also inflammation and sores (topical); hemoptysis and hemorrhage.
It is beneficial in urinary- and digestive problems.
It is also used in the treatment of candida, lupus and fibromyalgia.
It contains Omega-3 fatty acids; these phytochemicals can be used to treat bipolar disorders, depression, hyperactivity congenital heart disease and migraines.
Among the constituents are: mucilage, vitamins A, B, C, and E, beta-carotene, Calcium, magnesium, potassium, foliate, and lithium; Amino acids (phenylalanine, alanine, tyrosine, and aspartate). Antioxidants (glutathione and alpha-tocopherol).

USDA zone 6 - 11.
Seeds and stem cuttings.
Full sun (cannot grow in the shade), dry- to sandy moist soil; has good heat tolerance.

Portulaca oleracea - Purslane Portulaca oleracea - Purslane Portulaca oleracea - Purslane Portulaca oleracea - Purslane

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Portulaca oleracea tincture 1 fl. oz (29.6 cc) US$ 10.35
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Portulaca oleracea tincture 12 x 1 fl. oz US$ 105.57
Portulaca oleracea tincture 2 fl. oz (59.01 cc) US$ 18.65
Portulaca oleracea tincture 6 x 2 fl. oz US$ 100.71
Portulaca oleracea tincture 12 x 2 fl. oz US$ 190.23

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