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Solanum oleraceum Common name

Agoma-wiwiri, Aguma-wiwiri, American black nightshade, American nightshade, Glossy nightshade, Gyquerioba, Juquerioba, Popolo, Smallflower nightshade, White nightshade.

Solanaceae (Nightshade family).

Solanum americanum, solanum caribaeum.

Glossy nightshade is a wild growing, low branching tropical annual shrub, 3 - 4 feet tall.
It is a man-made cross between Solanum villosum and S. guineense.
The West Indian nightshade (Solanum ptycanthum) is very similar but mostly hairless and can have leaves with purple undersides.
The stem of this plant is green and hollow.
The egg-shaped, dark green alternate leaves with toothed margin are cooked and eaten as vegetables.
Directly on the stem or between the leaves are the tiny, white flowers with yellow stamens on stalks.
The tropical berries are green when young, shiny purplish-black when ripe and are 1/8 inch in diameter.

Suriname's Traditional Medicine
The juice of the crushed leaves, diluted with water and is used for mouth inflammation and also for liver disorders in children.


For more information on Solanum, go to the "MEDICINE FROM NATURE" page.

Note: This type is often mistaken for the European variety Solanum Nigrum.
Solanum Oleraceum strongly deviates and is not poisonous.
In Suriname it is called: aguma wiwiri.

USDA zone 4 - 11.

Seeds and cuttings.

Full sun / light shade, moist soil. Fruits in 2 -3 months.
Plant in frost free spots; can be grown as an annual in zones 7 and 8.

Solanum oleraceum (Glossy nightshade) tincture

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