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(spice Curcuma xanthorrhiza)


Curcumin powder Other names:
Geelwortel, Indian saffron, Java turmeric, Jianghuang, Koenir, Koenjit.

Appearance: dried and powdered

Color: deep- to bright yellow

Remarks: store dry (not in the refrigerator) in a airtight tin

Origin: India

Curcumin has a mild aromatic, pungent taste and odor, buttery and somewhat bitter.
It is a major ingredient in curry powder, and is used to accentuate the flavor of pepper.
Interesting is that the rhizome is used medicinally; it has liver protection properties.
For medicinal applications go to: Curcumin tincture

It is a powerful yellow due en food coloring. Turmeric can be used in recipes to add color and enhance the nutritional value of the meal. It also adds a fragrant scent.
One can add it to rice, soups, stews, curries, chicken, etc.
Added to rice, it will create a deep yellow color and a fragrant, exotic scent with a mild taste.
It is an important ingredient in curry mixes, chutney, and mustard pickles.

Item Description Unit Price Quantity

Curcumin Powder 1 lb US$ 36.00

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