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Tropilab Inc., exporter & wholesaler of medicinal plants, herbs and tropical seeds

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Relieves and reduces nasal congestion.
Carpenter's Grass, Candlestick Senna, Jatoba, Passionflower.

Impairment of at least 2 brain functions (memory loss and judgement).
Curcumin, Gotu kola, Holy basil.

Agent that soothes internal membranes.
Aloe vera, Annato, Lemon grass, Roselle.

Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) are acute febrile diseases, found in the tropics and caused by four closely related virus serotypes. It is also known as breakbone fever.
The diagnosis of dengue is usually made clinically.
Cat's claws, Curcumin, Euphorbia, Guava, Papaya

See Antidepressant.
(1. in physiology; decrease in function or activity. 2.in psychology: dejected state of mind with feelings of sadness, discouragement and hopelessness.)

Cleanse or purify the blood.
Piper marginatum, Annato, Billy Goat Weed, Bitter Melon, Candlestick Senna, Hard Stick, Periwinkle, Phyllanthus, Broomweed, Phyllanthus urinaria, Quassia, Sarsaparilla, Soursop, Verbena, Mahogany, Wild Tomato.

Acute or chronic inflammation of the skin, which becomes red and itchy, develops blisters or other eruptions.
Annato, Bitter Melon, Black sage, Carapa, Cat's Claw, Copaiba, Eclipta, Guava, Lemongrass, Phyllanthus amarus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Portulaca, Sarsaparilla, Soursop, Tropical almond, Verbena, Virola Surinamensis, Wild Tomato.

Promotes removal of toxins from system / organ.
Hard stick, Candlestick Senna, Cat's Claw, Guava, Hard Stick, Pau d'Arco, Periwinkle, Phyllanthus urinaria, Phyllanthus, Sarsaparilla, Soursop, Verbena, Sweet Broom.

1. Diabetes insipidus = uncommon metabolic disorder.
2. Diabetes mellitus = complex and chronic disorder of metabolism due either to partial or total lack of insulin secretion by the pancreas or the inability of insulin to function normally in the body.
Abuta, Annato, Banaba, Billy Goat Weed, Bitter Melon, Cat's Claw, Embauba, Guava, Holy Basil, Indian jujube, Jamun, Kapok Tree, Kumis kucing, Malay apple, Neem, Noni, Pau d'Arco, Periwinkle (Vinca), Phyllanthus amarus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Quassia, Sarsaparilla, Sesamum indicum, Star Apple, Sweet Broom, Sweet orange peel, Wild Tomato.

Induces increased prespiration.
Ageratum, Candlestick Senna, Cayenne Pepper, Cymbopogon citratus, Cyperus Rotundus, Lime peel, Periwinkle (Vinca), Quassia, Sarsaparilla, Simaruba, Soursop, Verbena, Wormseed.

Frequent passage of loose, watery stools, sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and feelings of malaise and weakness.
Abuta, Acerola, Ageratum, Arrowroot, Barbados Cherry, Bell Apple, Bixa, Candlestick Senna, Cashew apple, Coffee plum, Copaiba, Cyperus Rotundus, Guava, Hard Stick, Inga, Jatoba, Jak fruit, Kapok Tree, Mahogany, Mango, Matico, Mountain Apple, Papaya, Passionflower, Periwinkle (Vinca), Phyllantus amarus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Quassia, Rambutan, Sacred lotus, Shiny bush, Simaruba, Soursop, Spondias Mombin, Star apple, Sugar apple, Syzygium cumini, Tamarindus Indica, Vassourinha (Sweet Broom), Verbena, Waltheria americana, Wild Tomato, Wormseed (Epazote),

Stimulates, promotes or assists digestion.
Aloe, Cayenne Pepper, Curcumin forte (Curcumin), Galanga, Guava, Hard Stick, Lime peel, Morinda citrifolia, Papaya, Peppermint, Phyllanthus amarus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Pistacia vera, Quassia
, Sweet orange peel.

Digestive Disorders:
See Digestive support.
Abuta, Cat's Claw, Clavo huasca, Guava, Jatoba, Matico, Papaya, Pau d'Arco, Phyllanthus amarus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Quassia, Sarsaparilla, Soursop, Verbena.

Serious bacterial infection, usually affecting mucous membranes of nose and throat.
Bromelain, Garlic, Holy basil, Mango, Passion flower.

To kill germs that may cause infection.
Copaiba, Lemongrass, Passionflower, Wild Tomato.

Increases urination.
Abuta, Amaranthus tricolor, Annato, Candlestick Senna, Cat's Claw, Cacao, Copaiba, Cyperus Rotundus, Elaeis guineensis, Euphorbia, Hard Stick, Hamelia patens, Jatoba, Kumis kucing, Luffa cylindrica, Mimosa pudica Morinda citrifolia, Mountain Apple, Passionflower, Phyllanthus amarus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Ridged luffa, Roselle, Sarsaparilla, Solanum (Bull Nettle), Star Apple, Sweet Broom, Tropical Almond, Velvet Bean, Vinca, Wild Tomato, Wormseed.

Diuretic effect:

Dropsy (edema):
Abnormal collection of fluid in spaces between cells.
Abuta, Mango, Cordia, Phyllanthus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Velvet Bean, Castor Bean, Verbena.

Painful Menstruation.
Bitter Melon, Cat's Claw, Kapok Tree, Mango, Passionflower, Phyllanthus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Sweet Broom, Trumpet Tree, Verbena.

Intestinal inflammation caused by bacteria, protozoa, parasites or chemical irritants, marked by abdominal pain, frequent bloody stools and rectal spasms.
Abuta, Acerola, Annato, Annona squamosa, Bitter Melon, Cat's Claw, Candlestick Senna, Cyperus Rotundus, Eclipta alba, Eggplant, Euphorbia hirta, Grains of paradise, Guava, Hard Stick, Jatoba, Kapok tree, Lantana Camara, Long John, Mahogany, Mango, Matico, Mimosa pudica, Mountain Apple, Nephelium lappaceum, Papaya, Pau d'Arco, Phyllanthus amarus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Quassia, Simaruba, Soursop, Star apple, Sweet Broom (Vassourinha), Syzygium cumini, Tropical Almond, Verbena, Wormseed (Epazote).

Dyspepsia: (dispeptic)
Stomach upset; marked by vague discomfort, heartburn or nausea.
Abuta, Ageratum, Bitter Melon, Clavo huasca, Guava, Hibuscus sabdariffa, Jatoba, Papaya, Phyllanthus amarus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Piper aduncum, Quassia, Simaruba, Soursop, Sweet orange, Verbena, Virola Surinamensis.


Pain in the ear.
Hymeneae courbaril, Bitter Melon, Sweet Broom, Wild Tomato.

Four of the five known ebolaviruses cause a severe and often fatal hemorrhagic fever in humans and other mammals.
The natural reservoir of the virus is believed to be fruit bats, and it is primarily transmitted between humans and from animals to humans through body fluids.
Aloe, Bitter Melon, Carica papaya, Euphorbia, Garlic, Guava, Holy basil, Lemongrass, Neem, Sesame seeds.

Inflammation of the skin that usually produces itching and the development of small blisterlike formations.
Bitter Melon, Candlestick Senna, Carica papaya, Lemongrass, Pau d'Arco, Periwinkle, Possum Wood, Sarsaparilla, Theobroma cacao, Simaruba, Soursop, Sweet Broom, Verbena.

Edema (water retention):
Excessive build up of fluid in body tissues or an increase in tissue mass.
The swelling can be general or limited to a part of the body.
Black sage, Bromelain, Cakebush, Castor Bean, Cordia, Euphorbia, Phyllanthus amarus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Roselle.

Substance that induces vomiting.
Malay Gooseberry, Solanum (Bull Nettle).

Stimulates, initiates and/or promotes menstrual flow.
Abuta, Cyperus Rotundus, Embauba, Epazote, Gossypium, Guava, Papaya, Phyllanthus amarus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Simaruba, Sweet Broom, Theobroma cacao, Tonka beans, Verbena, Vinca.

Soothes or softens the skin.
Annato, Carapa, Copaiba, Sweet Broom.

Abnormal condition of the lungs in which there is overinflation of the air sacs.
Acerola, Asthma weed, Cayenne, Embauba (Trumpet Tree), Guava, Peppermint.

Infection inner lining of the heart chambers and valves (endocardium).

Painful disorder when tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus (endometrium) grows outside the uterus.
Abuta, Cat's claw, Gossypium, Mullaca, Pine bark.

inflammation of the small intestine, most commonly caused by food or drink.
Cat's Claw, Curcumin forte, Euphorbia, Ginger, Papaya, Picão preto.

Neurological disorder characterized by abnormal behaviour and/or convulsive seizures.
Abuta, Ageratum, Annato, Guava, Hard Stick, Maracuja, Solanum (Bull Nettle), Spondias mombin.

Epstein Barr Syndrome:
Infectious mononucleosis.
Awara, Cat's Claw, CCG, Curcumin forte, Ginger, Passionflower.

Erectile dysfunction:
Inability to achieve or sustain an erection for sexual intercourse.
Dobrudua, Fingerroot, Grains of paradise, Green coffee beans, Pumpkin seeds.

Acute skin disease caused by infection with bacteria of streptococcus; characterized by redness, swelling, fever, pain and skin lesions.
Abuta, Annato, Kalanchoe, Picao preto, Portulaca, Verbena (Gervao), Virola surinamensis.

Increases bronchial mucous secretion by promoting expectoration of the sticky mucus and its expulsion from the body.
Abuta, Annato, Billy Goat weed, Copaiba, Passiflora foetida, Jatoba, Mango, Cayenne Pepper, Vassourinha, Wild Tomato.

Expulsion intestinal worms (deworming):
Grains of paradise.

Extrapyramidal side effects (EPSE):
Serious side-effects of antipsychotic and other drugs.
Indian jujube.

Eye infections:
Waltheria americana, Spondias Mombin, Shiny bush, Vinca minor, Vinca major.


1. Exhaustion, weariness, loss of strength, resulting from hard or prolonged mental or physical work.
2. Temporary inability of tissues to respond to stimuli.
Cat's Claw, Waltheria americana, Jatoba, Simaruba, Wormseed.

Fatty liver:
Fatty liver (hepatic steatosis), the buildup of fat in the liver; excess fat in the liver can cause inflammation.
Acerola, Coffee, Curcumin forte, Eclipta, Garlic, Ginger, Papaya, Phyllanthus amarus.

Reduces high body temperatures.
Abuta, Ageratum, Annato, Barbados Cherry, Bell Apple, Bitter Melon, Candlestick senna, Carapa, Carica papaya, Cedrela Odorata, Guava, Holy Basil, Kapok tree, Lantana Camara, Mahogany, Mango, Pao pereira, Pau d'Arco, Periwinkle, Phyllanthus amarus, Phyllanthus urinaria, Physalis Angulata, Quassia, Rambutan, Sarsaparilla, Scoparia Dulcis, Simaruba, Soursop, Star Apple, Syzygium Cumini, Tamarindus indica, Verbena.

ADJ. pert. to the sex that bears young (compare male). n. woman or girl.

Rise in the temperature of the body. Normal body temperature is 98.6° F. (37.0° C.) taken orally, somewhat higher rectally. A rise in temperature can sometimes be caused by severe stress, strenuous exercise or dehydration, but fever is most often a sign of infection or other disease.
Anonna Muricata, Areca catechu, Bell Apple, Bixa orellana, Cayenne, Cedrela Odorata, Cyperus Rotundus, Ginger, Hibuscus sabdariffa, Holy Basil, Indian jujube, Jak fruit, Kapok Tree, Lantana Camara, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Physalis Angulata, Quassia Amara, Sacred lotus, Scoparia Dulcis, Shiny bush, Simaruba Officinalis, Swietenia Mahogany, Syzygium cumini,

Fibroids (Myoma):
Muscular tumors growing in the wall of the uterus (womb). They are almost always benign (not cancerous).
Abuta, Aligator pepper, Epazote (Chenopodium).

Large number of disorders marked by local inflammation of muscle and connective tissue, stifness and joint or muscle pain; may result from infection, trauma or other cause.
Cat's Claw, Cayenne forte.

Filariasis (Elephantiasis):
Disease, largely of the tropics, caused by filariae (long,threadlike worms) that enter the body through mosquito bites and infest primarily lymph glands and vessels. Symptoms include blockage of the lymph vessels and resultant swelling and pain in the limb distal to the blockage, which over many years, may lead to elephantiasis. Treatment is by anthelmintics.
Areca catechu, Gossypium barbadense, Mimosa, Vassourinha.

Flatulence: accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal; commonly known as "passing wind", or "farting".
Fingerroot, Gotu kola, Spearmint.

Break of a bone.
Acerola (vitamin C), Guava (vitamin C), Hard Stick.

Fungal infections:
Inflammatory condition caused by a fungus; s.a. candidiasis, tinea (ring - worm), coccid - ioidomycocis.
Candlestick Senna, Cat's Claw, Chenopodium ambrosioides, Curcumin, Curcumin forte, Eclipta, Fingerroot, Garlic, Jatoba, Kalanchoe, Lemongrass, Mango, Matico, Papaya, Pau d'Arco, Quassia, Tropical almond, Virola surinamensis, Wild sage.

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